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4 Tell-tale Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Residential Building

No matter how much you splurge on an exterior house painting job, you will likely come across the problem of peeling paint, cracks, blisters and flaky paint if you don’t adhere to routine paint maintenance. The exterior walls are directly exposed to natural weather elements such as rain, humidity, moisture which degrades the quality and pristine finish of paint and compel you to opt for a repainting job before the expected time. If you come across bubbling paint around edges or mould growth on exterior walls, don’t delay to hire professional painters to get the job done right.

Formation of Mould and Mildews

For both residential and commercial properties, a high-quality paint job can prevent formation of mould and mildews and protect your building from structural damage. Regular exposure to moisture not only degrades the quality of paint but can take a toll on the structural integrity of your building if left untreated for years. Moreover, mould and mildews can start spreading rapidly and give rise to unpleasant odours and unsightly appearance. If you come across dark grey patches on your exterior paint, consider it as a potential indicator of mould infestation and get it repaired by residential painter in Brighton without delay.

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Paint Discoloration

Fading paint is another potential indicator of paint damage and can demean the visual aesthetics of your property. For exterior walls, fading may occur quickly compared to interior walls if inferior quality of paint or improper paint techniques were used. UV rays break down the chemical compounds causing paint to fade quickly than the expected time. Moreover, regular exposure to sun and natural weather elements are the underlying issues of paint discolouration. If you notice your exterior paint becoming fade, hire professional residential painter in Brighton who can offer long-lasting protection to make your investment last in good shape for decades.

Bubbles or Blisters in Paint

Bubbles or blisters in exterior house paint are a major indicator of weakened paint adhesion from the underlying surface walls. Loss of adhesion in paint can occur due to many reasons such as direct exposure to sun, extreme weather conditions, surface contaminants or even a combination of these three. During hot and humid summer months, direct UV rays cause moisture to trap inside the exterior walls and during the escape, it results in blisters and bubbling paint. Likewise, mould and mildews developing under paint may lead to the same effect. The best way to remove bubbles or blisters is by getting them treated by professionals offering house painting in Melbourne who can treat paint damage and make your walls look like new.

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Damage Caused by Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is often considered as a part of standard exterior paint maintenance. It is a quick and expensive method of keeping your walls clean and inviting. However, frequent pressure washing may cause more damage than good in the long run and cause paint to peel off early. Commercial pressure washing, on the other hand, allows water to penetrate the walls under insulation, plaster and even to the wiring and once the water penetrates the wall, it highly damages the paint, compelling you to opt for a repainting job.


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