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Color Consulting Melbourne


Color consultants are often hired by individuals who are in favor of changing the look and feel of their residential unit or corporate office. The services of these professionals are unmatched and invaluable. We are one such company that provides valued interior & exterior house painting Melbourne.

Special training our professionals counts a lot-

Our professionals are specially trained and are aware of the current trends and buzz about interior design and the usage of the appropriate color. Not to forget the color psychology and they will help you with the type of colors to be applied.

These color applications can bring about a positive effect on you. Regardless of the client’s taste and preferences, our color consultants in Melbourne are ready to put the best foot forward for better and proven results when it comes to interior & exterior house painting Melbourne.

The ideas we can create-

They can come up with the best ideas that are ideal to be perfect for your property. Even if you decide not to remove your fixtures along with accessories our consultants can make your room get a fresh and new look. If you are selecting the latest decor and room furnishings they can let you know about the colors that might prove to be decisive and positive for your room.

We always test new pre-primed weatherboards before painting as the primer might have to be sanded off and a more suitable primer reapplied before carrying out interior & exterior house painting Melbourne. If we don’t do this, the weatherboards might be flaking within a year.

With respect to preparation, we generally pressure walls before preparing and painting and fill cracks and gaps to prevent water from seeping in behind the substrates. We have paint stripping equipment that we use to strip flat surfaces or weatherboards when necessary. We use electric sanders with dust extractors where we have to lessen dust going into the environment.

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