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Prepping for Painting Commercial Building Exteriors- Why It’s a Must?

Do you often wonder the secret behind long-lasting commercial paints? Well, it’s nothing but proper surface prepping. As a business owner, you would expect your paint job to last longer and for that, you should know the preps and steps required to achieve flawless and guaranteed paint results. The main reason why prepping is of paramount importance in a commercial painting job is that it helps paint to bind with surface walls and prevents early fading or peeling. If paint loses its adhesion, it will crack, bubble up and flake which can make your commercial building look unsightly instead of appealing.

What Constitutes Surface Prepping?

Prepping is the first and foremost step of any paint job and should be done with detailing and care. Depending upon the size and condition of your building, it may take up to a few days before the application of the top-coat paint. To achieve flawless and long-lasting commercial painting in Melbourne, there are some vital steps you need to follow in prepping the surface which is explained in detail in the lines below.

Commercial Painting

  • Covering Up Exposed Surfaces & Items

Before commencing a commercial paint job, any exposed surface and item that will not be painted should be neatly covered to prevent the risk of drips and paint splatters. It’s better to shift portable furniture and other office utilities during the paint job and wrap furniture and appliances with tarps to ensure complete protection against damage.

  • Pressure Cleaning Walls

Both the exterior and interior surfaces of commercial buildings should be pressure cleaned before even applying the first coat of paint. Power washing is a must as otherwise dirt, debris and other surface contaminants can prevent paint from adhering to walls and give you recurring issues of peeling paint, blisters and flaky paint. Power washing with a standard water temperature can break down grime and surface contaminants such as:

  • Dust or mud
  • Rust
  • Mould and mildews
  • Grease
  • Loose paint
  • Oil
  • Acidic particles
  • Algae
  • Graffiti
  • Moss and many more.
  •  Scraping off Loose Paint

Another important part of surface prepping is scraping off loose or old paint. The surfaces to be painted shouldn’t have loose or cracked paint as otherwise, the painting services in Toorak will be a total failure. Heavy-duty scraping requires strong blade with a clamp and handle and this equipment can expedite the removal of peeling paint.

Painting in Toorak

  • Caulking & Sealing

Besides pressure cleaning, scraping and cleaning, surface prepping also include caulking. Before applying paint on walls, you should identify areas having cracks and apply caulking to fix the problem. Caulking is a crucial part of surface prepping as it prevents water penetration and minimises damage to the substrate.

What Value Does Prepping Add to Your Property?

Surface prepping goes beyond adding strength to walls as it makes surfaces ready for paint and helps you achieve smooth and flawless paint job. No matter how much you splurge on buying high-quality paints, without proper surface prepping, your investment won’t yield the desired result.

So don’t skip any of the above-mentioned steps to get an outstanding paint job done to your property.

At Sunrise Pro Painting & Decorating, we offer high-quality painting services in Toorak both for residential and commercial clients at an affordable price. Our advanced paint protection techniques, industry-compliant equipment and resources can help you get flawless and outstanding paintwork that will make you boast of your property. Schedule an appointment today and expect an incredible transformation of your space!

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