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Retaining Outdoor House Paints for Decades- Crucial Things that Matter

Do you want your fresh and new outdoor paints to last in good shape for decades? Regular exposure to humidity, moisture, rain and natural weather elements degrade the structural integrity and cause paint to peel off early. Whether you have undertaken a whole house painting job or a partly touch up of your fences, deck and pergolas, new paints or stains need special care and attention to beat the adverse effects of weather.

This blog outlines some common guidelines to protect your outdoor painting from natural wear and tear and make it last in good shape for years.

Decks & Pergolas

deck painting

To minimise chances of paint damage, rot and natural deterioration, you need to inspect deck paints frequently and apply a good-water repellent after every year to prolong its longevity. Natural weather elements wear away the shine and feel of decks and they become outdated over time. To make your decks and pergolas stand the test of time and boost the curb appeal of your property, you may look for affordable house painting in Melbourne for applying semi-transparent oil stain for deck boards. It’s would be wise to avoid heavy pigmented oil stains as usually wear out faster and are difficult to scrape. Deck paints can last in good shape with frequent inspection and stain renewal after every year.


When it comes to choosing paints for revamping outdated fences, at first you need to identify rough surfaces that are exposed to weather elements such as arbours, exterior railings and choose paints strategically that can offer long-lasting protection to the damaged areas. Film-forming paint finishes and solid stains come with added durability and eliminate the need to hire a repainting job. However, it’s better if you skip the idea of DIY painting and hire a professional house painter in Melbourne who can apply paints carefully and ensure they won’t peel or fade early.


Porches Painting

Outdoor wooden floors that withstand regular exposure to humidity, rain and moisture undergo natural degradation and wear out over time. High foot traffic wears away the finish and paint slowing the average drying time will further encourage rot. Under such circumstances, specially formulated porch paint can come as a rescue. Porch paints are formulated with special chemicals and contain strong resins that can withstand heavy use and abrasion. If your wooden porches have started showing major signs of damage, you need to scrape off loose paint and repaint the sides of the flooring after every few years to make them last in good shape for decades.


Painting exterior trims require sufficient time and prep work and it’s important to choose premium paints that can offer long-lasting protection as well as give a more defined look to your trims. Semi-gloss or glossy paints are durable than regular latex as they come with high resin content. However, additional resin may deliver a glossy sheen, but if your trims cover a relatively smaller area, the shine may not be prominent. Moreover, if you choose to apply glossy paints, make sure the surface of the trims is free of flaws as otherwise, it might be counterproductive.

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