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Top 4 Interior House Designing Mistakes You Should Always Avoid

Besides selecting the right furniture, positioning wall hangings and experimenting with paint specimens, many small decisions influence the overall styling and aesthetics of house interior designs. The slightest of mistake such as choosing gloss paint, improper plastering or clumsy wall patterns can have a devastating impact on your overall house decorations and make your space look cluttered instead of welcoming.

This blog busts some common design disasters exposed by professional interior decorators for you to have a quick look. Stay tuned till the end.

1. Incorrect Positioning of Lightings

Proper positioning of overhead lighting is extremely vital if you don’t want your room to resemble a hospital. Recessed lights are a great choice for a minimalist look while floor lamps and pendants are ideal for ambient lighting. If you want to highlight an artwork or flaunt your exclusive collection of antique photographs, you may consider installing accent lighting to make your choice stand out. Homeowners, who lack knowledge in interior house decoration in Melbourne, fail to understand the intricacies and end up demeaning the aesthetics and appeal of their space.

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2. Incorporating Too Many Design Elements

When it comes to modern house decorations, the less is more. Installing too many design elements in a cramped space can make your home look cluttered and messy. You should keep things organised and plan your decor to give a minimalist look to your space. Make sure your home looks like a museum with curated collections of extravagant home decor pieces precisely placed in shelves, like that of a showroom which can add value to every corner and make your space look elegant.

3. Applying Glossy Paints on Walls

The best way to redesign your home and make it visually appealing is applying vibrant paint coats on walls but the idea of using glossy paints can be counterproductive. Majority of homeowners consider glossy paints to be long-lasting and proceed to apply them without considering the wall type, texture and overall impact it can have on their space. For instance, if you are following a minimalist trend to decorate your home, glossy paints on walls can demean the overall impression and make your home look dull instead of appealing.

4. Leaving Electrical Cords Exposed

Television, media players and home theatres provide great entertainment to guests, however, dangling cords and wires not just looks unsightly but fetch the risk of potential fire hazards. Although majority of homeowners make this mistake, yet it is easy to fix! Ask the professionals offering house decorating service in Melbourne to drill holes into media consoles that would help in hiding exposed cords. A smart yet affordable home design is to opt for cord covers as it hides exposed wires and gives a seamless look to your entertainment zones.

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